Acne Bootcamp

Our Certified Acne Specialists will help guide you through your acne journey.

Our Acne Bootcamp begins with a 90 minute appointment that includes a thorough consultation to discuss habits, lifestyle, foods, and several other factors that impact acne. The Face Reality method is an all inclusive approach to healing your skin. This method is one that requires a full commitment to the process, as typically it can take 3 months to begin to see the change you’re looking for. It is ideal to purchase a series below that best suits you. At the conclusion of your series you may purchase additional stand alone treatments to maintain your result. In order to purchase active ingredient products you must be under constant care of a certified esthetician. Our guest service representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have to better assist you on your way to the skin you always wanted.

Treatment Options

Acne Boot Camp Series $500

Save $120

*Initial Consultation

*5 Demi Treatments with High Frequency

* 2 LED Treatments

Initial Consultation & Treatment $130

This comprehensive consultation includes an in depth discussion of habits that impact your skin. We will perform a treatment to purify your skin and assess several factors to create a plan for your healing process. (approx 90 min)

Acne Boot Camp Series Enhanced $700

Save $120

*Initial Consultation

*5 Enhanced treatments with High Frequency and Massage

*2 LED Treatments

Acne Bootcamp Demi Treatment $75

This treatment includes an enzymatic or acid based peel, extractions and a mask with Face Reality products that have been tested time and time again for successful acne results. (approx 30 min)