DeMay After Dark

A Private Event With Your Favorite People

DeMay After Dark blends the blissful escape of a spa day with the laughter and fun of a night out with your closest friends.

The experience

DeMay After Dark

An evening of fun and relaxation with DeMay Spa to yourselves. Choose from 2 different selections providing you different time and cost options that work best for your party.

Each experience is customized by the party. Bring your favorite beverages and food and enjoy your evening with no clean-up.

crop barman pouring drink into glass
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An evening with friends in this beautiful space is the best way to relieve all the weeks stress

Party Options

Massages or Facials With Friends

Each guest receives:

  • A Customized Facial with LED light suited to the needs of each guest
  • OR a Swedish Massage with Hot Stone Sampling
  • 4-6 Guests
  • $125 per guest

Sundown Slowdown

Each guest receives:

  • Customized Facial with LED
  • Swedish Massage with Hot Stone Sampling
  • 4-6 guests
  • $250 per guest
  • DeMay requires a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to reserve your experience
  • A 2-3 hour window will be allotted for your experience. Please adhere to the times provided by your Guest Services representative at the time of finalization of your reservation.
  • Gratuity not included
  • All barware, plates, etc must be provided by the party
  • DeMay After Dark events are held on Saturdays. Typically beginning at 4PM.

Make it even more special by bringing in cocktails and light fare from your favorite restaurant or home recipe.