Braving A Brazilian

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If you have never tried a Brazilian wax, or maybe you did and it went HORRIBLY wrong- read on to learn the helpful hints to make it the best experience possible….

Whether the mass influx of waxing occurred from Samantha on Sex in the City or it was a trend that built all on it’s own, it is here with a vengeance.

Gone are the days of “au natural” down there.

But who do you go to?  What will happen?

Visions of screaming “Kelly Clarkson” along with several other expletives come soaring into our heads.

How many horror stories have we all heard?

Well it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience.

Knowing what to ask is the first step toward a painless (and I mean LESS because pain FREE just isn’t going to happen unless you go to a magician that can levitate the hair from your body.)

First thing is to ask your veteran waxing friends for referrals- your tried and true friends that have braved this experience for you the ones that have undoubtedly found a waxer that they trust.

Otherwise, if you are forced to cold call salons and spas you want to be sure to ask for their most booked Brazilian waxer …

NOT the first available because that person-  although they are licensed to- they may not really do many waxings.  I’m sure you’d rather not be a guinea pig, right?

Too often salons will say “sure we do waxings”  just so they don’t lose the business.

Ask the following questions:

~Who is your most frequently booked Brazilian waxer?

~Approximately how many waxes does she do per week? (Under 5 is less than ideal depending on your area, to put it in perspective~on a busy spring/summer day I will often do 10)

~What type of wax does she use? You are not looking for a brand name here, but the use of both hard and soft waxes. 

Once you feel comfortable with the answers there are several things you can do to prepare yourself the day of:

  • ~Be sure your hair is about the length of a grain of rice. NO ONE will benefit from you coming in with hair “fully grown in.” If you are starting out “70s style” then a clipper at home is to your benefit….TRUST ME!!
  • ~An at home numbing agent can be of help approximately 45 minutes before you come in.
  • ~A pain medication of your choice (Advil etc.) can help with some of the pain and general soreness after the waxing.
  • ~Be sure you have 24-48 hours of downtime after the wax. This is not something you do the morning of your romantic getaway.
  • ~Wear comfortable clothes. Leaving with tight jeans on is not ideal.

I promise you that in the middle of the waxing you may want to kill her but if once its over you think –

Hmm not as bad as I thought“,  then she is your girl.

Get yourself booked the minute you leave for your next appointment.

DO NOT TRY TO CALL WHEN YOU ARE READY.   The reality is that the first several waxes will take some convincing –  so don’t “self-talk” yourself into pushing it off.

Your body WILL start to get more used to it as you go.

There you go ladies- don’t you feel better already?